Tight Radius Bending

A new proprietary heat induction machine now allows Hardwick Company to bend tighter and larger radii than is possible anywhere else. Exclusively designed for Hardwick, this machine virtually removes the challenge of tight radius bending.

With our exclusive heat induction process, Hardwick Company can now bend structural tubes, pipes and beams to more severe bends than ever before. And with this heat induction process, these tight radius bends are made with little or no deformation and are superior to the “cold” bends available through other processes.

When your architectural requirements call for bends that seem hardly possible, we can help. Hardwick Company's one-of-a-kind machine can bend:

  • Structural flange beams up through 24-inch by 207 section depth.
  • Square and rectangular tubing up through 20-inch by 20-inch by 5/8 inch.
  • Round pipe up through 24-inch diameter by 2-inch wall thickness.

For more information about capabilities and more picture examples, click here.

Featured in the July
2011 edition of The
Fabricator Magazine

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